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The world we live in is the world our ancestors were able to build. They dreamt about a successful society. They believed we would live in abundance. They thought we would have the time to do as we please. And we believed in that. We were told everything would improve as fast as it improved in their lifetime. We imagined a bright future wouldn’t necessarily be easy. But at least that future would be possible for the majority of us.

Retrofuturism really set the bar high!

Surprise, surprise, what they wanted to build is yet to be done. Unhappiness, stress, and fatigue are all around us. Resources are concentrated in the hands of a few. We’re always busy yet we’re always wasting time. We live longer and with more health, but we feel older earlier than ever. And we fear we can’t also build the world we want to leave to our children. That we’ll miss out while they’re growing up. That they’ll also feel trapped in this hamster wheel we have got used to call home.

I stress, therefore I am

So, what now? What can we do to avoid making the same mistake again? How can we take advantage from being the generation with the best access to education in history? How can we do not only more, but better? How can we have more energy to live in a world that never stops? How can we work together without fighting or wearing down? How can we raise our families with love and focus on what is good? How can we actually feel that we’re living up to our full potential?

What if you could get the best out of every day?

We don’t yet have those answers, but we strongly believe that hamster’s wheel can be broken. There’s no natural law that states human beings must continue to be anxious and tired, unhappy and apathetic, getting older and dying. That is we can become relaxed and energetic, happy and motivated, feeling young and aiming at living more and better. Eventually, even living forever.

Why does youth have to be wasted on the young?

And posing those questions made us create TwentyFive, our Porto-based cognitive enhancement start-up, with the goal of developing simple, healthy, and effective cognitive enhancers to enable high performers do more and better. Because it’s not how much time we have, but what we do with it.

Learn more about our first cognitive enhancer at twentyfive.am/learn

So we are committing our work towards improving the overall quality of life of our people. For that, our immediate goal is to develop cognitive-enhancement technologies and to promote a healthier lifestyle. In the long-term, we’ll be focusing on longevity and immortality.

In the meanwhile, in this blog we’ll be posting weekly about three topics:

  1. What’s TwentyFive about and some updates about work,
  2. What is cognitive enhancement and the science behind it, and
  3. What is the #extrahour and how are people around the world living it.
Give me that #extrahour!

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